Karen Stewart's Canadian Business Chicks Women of Inspiration Nomination

06 September 2018

Meet Karen Stewart, 2018 Woman of Inspiration Nominee | Founder and CEO, Fairway Divorce Solutions and Bumble Bees Venture Capital.

On September 20th 2018, Fairway Divorce Solutions CEO Karen Stewart will be celebrated during Canadian Business Chicks’ Women of Inspiration Awards annual gala. Karen is nominated as an Advocate and Catalyst for Change. Those nominated under the category are women who lead with purpose; women who demonstrate integrity, leadership commitment and courage; women whose personal and professional contributions have made a significant impact in their communities and in the lives of other women. These women have overcome adversity and are inspiring to others by advocating for causes to support women across Canada, lead by example, practice mentorship, and have a proven track record of success.

Canadian Business ChicksUpon receiving her nomination, Karen graciously noted she has spent her entire career challenging the status quo and outdated thinking across several industries, the divorce industry in particular. “I did it because I care about people and our legacy many generations to come, not because I wanted to be recognized. However, to be recognized is a gift that motivates me to move forward and set my dreams and goals for even bigger towards more profound change.” Indeed, there are many women (and men) who have achieved financial and business success but have done it by arriving at the peak alone. To Karen, a woman of inspiration achieves success by inspiring others, thereby impacting both lives and society in a positive way.

A woman of inspiration is a woman who sees no boundaries and thrives in the divine feminine but tackles the world with a bold and brave attitude. – Karen H. Stewart

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