CTV News Part 2 - How to End a Marriage without a Lawyer

29 July 2018

Karen Stewart on how the courts negatively impact a person’s health and wellbeing, kids, business and finance

Did you know you can get a divorce without a lawyer? When two people discover or decide that marriage is no longer for them, unfortunately, they are calling their lawyers right away. Karen Stewart learned that the hard way, and now has a company to help you. Learn what to do and how Fairway can help you protect what is important to you.

How to divorce without a Lawyer

Karen Stewart continues her interviews with CTV Edmonton by talking about lawyers and why calling them may be the wrong thing to do. Keep the money in your pocket. Learn how to avoid fighting it out with the courts. Instead, achieve amazing outcomes using a mediation and negotiation method that makes sense and focuses on the wellbeing of the children.

The Business of Marriage

Ending a marriage is a very emotional time, but what we need to do is be smart about how we end the “Business of the Marriage.” Do not start down a path that you can not get off of, as it will get expensive. Take a step back and a deep breath! Be pragmatic and focus on making smart decisions about your children and finances.

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