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Ally defined: to combine or unite resource with (another) for mutual benefit.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with The Clear Road to a New Life®. When making decisions during your divorce, you are much better prepared if you shift your thinking from the past to the future. Over the years, we have published books and developed tools to help our clients move from the past to the future and we want to share those with you.

The process of divorce can be overwhelming and all-consuming, yet the decisions you make during your divorce, set the stage for life after divorce. If you have not taken the time to contemplate questions about your future, you may have missed an opportunity to position yourself for a better outcome.

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After successfully bringing over 6,500 couples to divorce resolution since 2006, we realized that many people are so thankful to be done but still find themselves with the "What Now Trap," unsure about what is next and feeling unsettled.  In addition to publishing Divorce for Men and Divorce for Women – Guides to creating an extraordinary life after divorce, we have also developed a series of modules (Ally™) that our clients can use to walk themselves through a number of pressing decisions including: 

  • Career choices
  • Single parenting
  • Financial planning decisions
  • Relationships – know when you are ready  
  • Future planning 3,5 and 10-year goals

The Fairway Model understands that for you to make good decisions, you must move from dwelling on the past to thinking about your future. A number of steps in the INR™ (Independently Negotiated Resolution) divorce process encourage you to think about parenting, financial division and support with the future in mind. Our goal is for you to avoid the What Now Trap.

Modules are complimentary for our Fairway Divorce Solutions clients: 

Ask you Divorce Resolution Expert for access to these game changing tools today.

Here are just some of the helpful goodies we cover in our complimentary ALLY modules:

  • How to avoid the “What Now Trap”
  • Reflecting on your journey in preparation for your future
  • The importance of envisioning your future first
  • How to do a personal inventory
  • The power of “I am” statements
  • The power of becoming an observer in your divorce 
  • Transitioning through your divorce and changing the narrative for your future
  • The power of visualization as it relates to your lifeline
  • The importance of envisioning your future first
  • Creating your painted picture and see it come to life
  • Building your roadmap for your Clear Road to a New Life®
  • Understanding and creating smart goals
The average cost of a separation/divorce in Canada is now over $51,000

Client testimonials

Success comes in many forms. For us, it is hearing back from our clients and reading how we have changed their lives for the better. These stories are the reason we do what we do.

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The Fairway process removed a lot of the conflict and bitterness from an otherwise very painful process. It helped to take a lot of the emotion out of an emotional time, to allow clear thought at a time where emotions can easily take control. The people at Fairway are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. They have a vast pool of experience they pull from to help guide to a more peaceful and fair resolution.

- Fairway Client

The Fairway Method

Divorce is difficult. We make is easier from start to finish. The Clear Road to a New Life®

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Frequently asked questions

At Fairway, we understand that facing a divorce is daunting, bringing mixed emotions and many questions. We are committed to ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to move through the process in a way that protects your assets and your children.

Fairway Divorce Solutions has an in-house legal team that drafts your separation agreement and, in certain provinces, can file for divorce. Also, our matrimonial lawyers educate divorcing couples during the What is the Law™ Seminar. You are also encouraged to get independent legal advice from lawyers.

It is seldom too late. Fairway Divorce Solutions has helped couples frustrated with the cost, time and emotional strain of using lawyers. The Fairway team encourages divorcing couples to research and understand divorce options and choose a process designed to meet the needs of both parties and the children. The court process can often be paused to allow parties to explore and use Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) methods.

No, you do not need a lawyer to get divorced. However, it is highly recommended that a lawyer review your separation agreement before you sign it when children and assets are involved. Once you have a separation agreement, you do not need to use your lawyer to file for divorce. We offer divorce filing services in applicable provinces to make your life easier and keep costs down.

A divorce is a method of terminating a marriage between two individuals; your divorce will give each of you the legal right to marry someone else.