Life After Divorce: What to Expect

16 October 2022

The phrase "Life After Divorce" seems to roll off the tongue. This euphonic phrase doesn’t seem accurate when considering the connotation of how divorce is defined.

There is, however, a connection between how Life After Divorce rolls off the tongue and how this phrase is defined. Life After Divorce is a phase in your life where you reconnect with your core-self; divorce demands this. You roll onto a clear road to a new life with yourself.

This may seem scary but the fork in the road gives you the opportunity to accept it or fight it. I encourage you to not only accept it but also embrace it. When you do, there is a solace and pride that overpowers your grief.

There is a point where you recognize your solace from your everyday actions and your everyday thoughts. You hit this point when you begin to appreciate the scenarios you were once afraid of: going to the movies alone, travelling alone, cooking for one etc.

Here are a few things you will soon appreciate about your Life After Divorce:

Eating out by yourself and being totally comfortable with it.

  • You will love the personal time alone and away from your usual environment.
  • You are with your own thoughts and you learn a new appreciation for soaking in the environment.
  • There is a certain amount of strength within yourself to sit alone in your entity.

Being okay the house is not perfectly clean all the time

  • You only need to impress yourself; or do you really need to impress anyone at all?

The freedom to explore on your terms

  • You have the opportunity to seek out and follow through with your thoughts and ideas. If you want to go to a sports store for hours or a local craft shop, go for it! You are on your own schedule.
  • You get in touch with whom you really are
  • There is a serene feeling when you get to follow your bliss

You are defined as only you

  • There is no longer a role to assume; at least not in the context of a partner relationship.
  • You have the opportunity to set yourself up again as a complete human being

Not being a victim

  • You can revisit some of the hurtful things that have happened, but not being a victim is choosing to grow from these situations and viewing it as an opportunity to grow.
  • Our story can be the sad events that have occurred or the positive choices we made because we were given those opportunities. We create it.

There is Opportunity Ahead

When it comes to Life After Divorce, you have the opportunity to view everything from a different perspective. You are now a new version of yourself. It is important to remember you create your own story. Having sad events in your life will occur, your perspective is dependent on the choices you make when faced with the sad events. Consider them opportunities. Ask yourself, how am I able to grow from this as a human being without dwelling on the subject; use it as a platform to launch your new self.