Positive Thoughts Have Positive Power

15 September 2020

Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts. Research shows that what we think is what we wind up creating. This is known as the “Spindrift Experiments” and they measure the power of positive prayers.

Successfully Growing Green SproutIn one particular experiment, two groups of seeds were planted to ensure that all of the variables were the same and able to be controlled. The intention here was to measure the impact of positive prayer directed toward one group. The other group, the control group, would be ignored.

The results were conclusive: the group that received positive prayer sprouted substantially more than the group that didn’t. There have been similar experiments in other portions of the world that have come to the same conclusion. The thought being that our thoughts can create positive or negative outcomes. Not only that, positive thought is a measurable power.

Positive Thoughts Can Change Your Way of Life

Think PositiveThis finding has major implications. If you have impact of our thoughts was something of an urban legend before. But the thoughts that you have can have a major impact not only on you, but those around you.

With the power of positive thoughts, there is also the downside of negative thinking. Negative thoughts can negatively impact those around you. On the flip side, you can create a positive, nurturing experience simply by having good thoughts and intentions.

To take it a step further, having negative thoughts with a negative intention behind it can come back at you. Karma, as it were.

So, try to be more aware and conscious of your thoughts. Do all that you can to keep your thoughts positive and you will begin to see that your life is a reflection of those positive thoughts. It is a simple process with major implications for the betterment of your life.