Does a good sex life prevent divorce?

10 June 2013

Husband Hugging Wife in BedDoes a good sex life prevent divorce? The answer is YES!!!

Oprah said on one of her recent radio shows that there is a correlation between the length and regularity of the kiss (10 seconds per day) and your chances of getting a divorce. Well, I am here to tell you she is right. 

I have dealt with thousands of couples that are divorcing. I always ask the "why" and "how come" questions before we start so that I have some context with regards to the reason it ended. "Our sex life is great" and "We are divorcing" is something I never hear. But I have heard "we communicate well" but we have no intimacy.


Does a good sex life prevent divorce?

I am here to tell you ladies (yes you may pump your chests gentlemen) that sex is more important or at least just as important as communication for the well being of your marriage. Our egos seem to forget that we are relatively young in the course of mankind history.

Really, we only have a short time beyond our barbarian ancestors. I am a woman, so I certainly understand the importance of communication and sharing, however, the only way that communication can be truly intimate is if it is supported by a healthy sex life.

Happy Senior Couple in BedWhile ageing may change what the bedroom scene looks like — the opportunity to be creative and have fun is not restricted by our libido or age. I have often been heard saying " if you are not having sex with your husband --- then someone is".

I have had friends who squirm at that statement and brush me off and then only a few years later are calling me for divorce advice. While you may think this is a bit exaggerated — I think it is certainly one way to check in with regards to the health of your marriage.

Men by nature need to be needed and adored physically. Women by nature need to feel taken care of both emotionally and physically. Yes, even self-made breadwinning women.

So let's just call it like it is.


Keeping Your Marriage Intact

If your marriage is in trouble — buy the best sex book you can find and try that before you spend thousands on therapy "talking" about your problems. That can come after you have a strong base to build on. I can assure you that with a strong physical connection the chances of successful marriage therapy, is much higher. So, does a good sex life prevent divorce? Prioritize what's important and have fun enjoying both the physical and emotional sides of your partner.