Advantages of a fast divorce

05 July 2024

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Divorce is a challenging journey. Even a “simple divorce” is taxing, not just emotionally but also financially. When you have a marriage breakdown, it's crucial to move through the process as swiftly as possible. A fast divorce can help minimize the adverse effects on your career, investments, and overall well-being. This article delves into why a quick divorce is advantageous and how Fairway Divorce Solutions can assist you in achieving it.

The financial cost of divorce

The direct costs of divorce include negotiating, drafting the separation agreement, and filing the divorce application. These three components can vary significantly, but it's essential to consider the associated costs that aren't immediately obvious.

In addition to the actual cost of paying for your divorce, there are other costs that people don't think about.

Career impact

For instance, there are costs associated with career stress. There is a ton of evidence now that shows companies suffer a great loss in productivity because their employees are not showing up mentally and physically. Because of the stress, people sometimes even end up losing their jobs during a divorce. It is prudent to move through a divorce quickly to avoid these career-related costs.

Investment implications

During a divorce, you might be unable to make necessary financial transactions, either due to legal restrictions or voluntary decisions to maintain the status quo. This can be detrimental as market conditions fluctuate, affecting your investments.

For example, if your assets are frozen during a lengthy contested divorce, you will not be able to react to market changes. This can result in substantial losses. A swift divorce allows you to regain control over your assets sooner, making prudent financial decisions.

Asset liquidation

In some cases, assets might need to be liquidated, which can lead to financial losses. If you and your spouse can't agree on the value of a property, selling it might be the only solution. However, selling in haste can result in getting less than its true value. Therefore, resolving these matters quickly helps avoid unnecessary financial losses.

You may have heard a story of a married couple who had to sell their family home under market value due to prolonged divorce proceedings. This can result in substantial losses.

Emotional and physical well-being

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A legal separation takes a significant emotional toll. The stress of prolonged negotiations can lead to emotional instability, affecting your daily life. By moving through the divorce process quickly, you can minimize this emotional turmoil and start your healing journey sooner.

One of the other costs we often don't think about when going through divorce is the emotional toil. I had a client who said they felt like they were on an emotional rollercoaster every single day of their prolonged divorce.

Health Impact

The stress associated with a prolonged divorce can also impact your physical health. Anxiety, depression, and other stress-related conditions are common. A fast divorce can help you maintain better physical health by reducing prolonged stress.

I’ve seen clients who aged visibly during a lengthy divorce. One client even developed chronic migraines. Moving through the divorce proceedings quickly can literally save your health.

How to navigate financial decisions during divorce

Maintain the status quo

One common piece of advice is to keep financial decisions to a minimum during the divorce process. This approach helps you avoid making emotionally-driven decisions that might not be in your best long-term interests. By maintaining the status quo, you can make more rational and prudent financial choices.

I always tell my clients, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Keeping things steady during the divorce can help you make clearer, smarter financial decisions in the long run.

Property and asset valuation

When it comes to dividing assets like the family home, there are several options. One spouse can keep the property and compensate the other, or the property can be sold. If keeping the property, obtaining multiple valuations and agreeing on an average value can help. Alternatively, the highest bidder can keep the property, ensuring a fair financial outcome.

Dealing with properties can be tricky. I had a couple who were so emotionally attached to their home that they couldn’t agree on a price. We finally decided to get multiple valuations and average them out, which worked like a charm.

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The role of Fairway Divorce Solutions

Mediation over litigation

Fairway Divorce Solutions offers a structured, step-by-step process that allows each party to make independent decisions before coming together to confirm agreements. Traditional divorce mediation often feels like a cage match. Our method removes the emotional imbalances and makes the process quicker and more efficient.

Fixed fee structure

Unlike the high and unpredictable costs of court litigation, Fairway Divorce Solutions provides a flat fee for the entire process. Imagine knowing exactly what your divorce will cost from the get-go. One client told me it was like having a weight lifted off their shoulders. No surprises, just a clear path forward.

Independent legal advice

While not legally required in Canada, obtaining independent legal advice is highly recommended. A divorce lawyer or family lawyer can review your separation agreement and divorce documents and make sure everything is in accordance with divorce law.

Skipping legal advice is like sailing without a map. Sure, you might reach your destination, but why take the risk? Even a brief consultation can save you from future headaches.


A fast divorce is not just about minimizing legal costs; it's about reducing the overall impact on your career, investments, and well-being. By moving through the process quickly, you can start rebuilding your life sooner. Fairway Divorce Solutions provides a structured, efficient process to help you achieve a quick divorce, ensuring all decisions are made with clarity and fairness.

For those considering a divorce, remember that the journey, while challenging, can be managed efficiently. By focusing on a speedy divorce, you can minimize the emotional and financial toll, allowing you to move forward with confidence and stability.

While the rest of the world might feel like it's crashing down, at least your divorce process doesn't have to. Let’s get out of the mud together.