About Us

Fairway Divorce Solutions® is Canada’s leading national divorce and mediation company. When you need to separate from your partner, you’ll want a fair divorce that's as painless as possible, both emotionally and financially, and that affects the children as little as possible. Most of all, you want to build a new life. 

At Fairway Divorce Solutions®, we are changing the way divorce happens. We provide families with a fair way to separate. Our Divorce Resolution Mediators offer a unique and proven method to safeguard your assets and protect your children. We take care of all aspects of your separation with specialists in legal, financial, and parenting matters.

Divorce the Fair Way

Protect your children, preserve your assets, and avoid litigation. Our Divorce Resolution Mediators use a step-by-step process to resolve all financial and parenting issues. You will finalize your separation for a fixed fee within 120 days and can look forward to a new life.


Helping Canadians with divorce mediation since 2006, with more than 25 Divorce Resolution Mediators in more than 11 locations.

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Head Office

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