The Fairway Method

No, the step-by-step Fairway Process, we call Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR) was designed to work with each spouse separately to ensure that emotions, amicable or not, do not interfere with sound decision making. We take you and your spouse through a process that allows you to make decisions independently while bringing you both to a fair resolution around the division of assets and parenting. Thousands of couples have achieved resolution, for both amicable and highly conflicted situations.

Fairway Divorce Solutions charges a structured fee plan based on the complexity of your financial situation, parenting issues, and conflict. We offer a free introductory consultation so our resolution experts/ mediators can assess your situation and discuss the most appropriate fee structure. We are committed to reducing your cost and time so that you can move on with your life. Matrimonial lawyers charge by the hour and make more money by taking more time and creating more conflict.

We designed The Fairway Process to work with both parties to bring resolution on all issues, including parenting, division of assets, spousal and child support. If one party refuses to use our alternative dispute resolution methodology, we can still help in other ways depending on your circumstances. Contact us to learn how we can help you avoid the damaging pitfalls of the traditional divorce legal system.

It is seldom too late. Fairway Divorce Solutions has helped couples frustrated with the cost, time and emotional strain of using lawyers. The Fairway team encourages divorcing couples to research and understand divorce options and choose a process designed to meet the needs of both parties and the children. The court process can often be paused to allow parties to explore and use Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) methods.

Fairway Divorce Solutions aims to complete the process within 120 days from when you provide complete financial disclosure.