Fairway Divorce Solution has worked with couples throughout Canada and parts of the United States. If one or both parties cannot meet in person, our process allows for engagement via telephone and video-conferencing from start to finish. No step is missed, and no one person goes uninformed. Fairway has many offices across Canada that are ready to help.

Fairway Divorce Solutions has a team of experts who help create a win-win separation agreement. Our resolution experts are accredited, highly skilled, and knowledgeable in issues surrounding divorce, including complicated finances and parenting. The resolution expert will mediate when possible, negotiate, and quarterback other professionals as needed to move you through the process so that you can make informed decisions without pressure or legal threats. They will also ensure you attend the What is the Law™ seminar conducted by a matrimonial lawyer to educate you on the laws in your province. They will access pension and business valuators, tax specialists, and counsellors as your specific cases need them. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.